Our Work


Labor Committee

Contact: Calvin C. (he/him)

As Birmingham DSA's Labor Committee, we aim to guide labor organizing within Birmingham DSA, educate Birmingham DSA members on workplace organizing strategies and history, strengthen relationships with existing labor organizations, and build worker power within the greater Birmingham area.

To do this, we build relationships with existing unions and other worker organizations in our region -- including District 20 locals of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) and their auxiliaries, Starbucks Workers United (SBWU), and BAmazonUnion -- through strike support and community organizing. We also support new workplace organizing efforts with support from the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee (EWOC), develop labor-related educational opportunities for both our membership and the community, and much more.

We hold monthly meetings.

To contact the Labor Committee, e-mail info@bhamdsa.org.

Mutual Aid Committee

Co-Chairs: Jason K. (he/him)

As Birmingham DSA's Mutual Aid Committee, we aim to guide mutual aid organizing within Birmingham DSA, educate Birmingham DSA members on mutual aid organizing, strengthen relationships with existing mutual aid organizations, and more.

To do this, we organize mutual aid programs like our Brake Light Clinics, where we repair the brake light bulbs and covers of our neighbors to minimize their interactions with police, and Street Solidarity, where we prepare and enjoy hot vegetarian meals with our neighbors. Both our Brake Light Clinics and Food Action are organized in their own sub working groups, which are subdivisions of the Mutual Aid Committee.

We also develop mutual-aid related educational opportunities; build relationships with existing regional mutual aid organizations like Birmingham Mutual Aid and Margins; and much more.

We organize mutual aid events at least once a month. We hold committee meetings every month.

To contact the Mutual Aid Committee, e-mail mutualaid@bhamdsa.org.

Palestine Working Group

Co-Chairs: Haneen M., Colin R.

As Birmingham DSA's Palestine Working Group, we aim to organize Birminghamians and Tuscaloosans into solidarity actions with Palestine. We aim to form a structured coalition with other local organizations who have been focused on Palestine work and demonstrations.

Our core demands include an immediate and permanent end to Israel's genocidal violence across Palestine, an end to the apartheid system that is fundamental to the Israeli ethnostate, and an end to the Israeli occupation of historic Palestine.

Our local organizing is currently focused on pressuring U.S. officials to end aid to apartheid Israel, shining a light on the global military and economic infrastructure that facilitates the occupation, and maintaining the legal and social space for Palestinian solidarity organizing to continue without repression.

We hold working group meetings every 1-2 weeks.

To contact the Palestine Working Group, e-mail steering@bhamdsa.org.


AfroSocialists and Socialists of Color (AFROSOC)

Birmingham DSA AFROSOC Section’s mission is to end racism and capitalism, also known as racial capitalism. We recognize that racial capitalism has evolved from colonialism and imperialism, and further enables the ruling class’s exploitation of all life on this planet and the planet itself.

To pursue this mission, we affirm a collective gathering space for BIPOC socialists in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa to grow, find support, organize, and take action.

Any person in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa metropolitan areas who self-identify as BIPOC can become a voting member of AFROSOC. Birmingham DSA and/or DSA membership is not required to be a voting member of AFROSOC.

To contact Birmingham DSA's AFROSOC Section, e-mail afrosoc@bhamdsa.org.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the elected leadership of Birmingham DSA. The Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Officer, and Co-Chair Seat 1 are elected annually at our January general meeting. Co-Chair Seat 2 is elected annually at our July general meeting.

The two Co-Chairs serve as the chief executive officers of Bham DSA, ensuring all resolutions and decisions of the members are executed. They also preside over all general meetings.

The Treasurer is entrusted with the care and custody of all chapter funds, securities, properties, and assets.

The Secretary is entrusted with the care and custody of all Bham DSA records. They also ensure that the minutes of general meetings are kept and distributed to members.

The Communications Officer is responsible for all external and internal chapter communications. External chapter communications are public-facing communications, including this website, social media, and agitprop. Internal communications are communications intended only for Bham DSA members, including our regular chapter bulletin and electronic workspace.

All members of Bham DSA in good standing may observe Steering Committee meetings, which are held monthly.

To contact the Birmingham DSA Steering Committee, e-mail steering@bhamdsa.org.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee assists the Communications Officer, who chairs the committee, in managing the chapter's external and internal communications.

To contact the Communications Committee, e-mail info@bhamdsa.org.