We are the Birmingham chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America and we want to create a better world, starting right here in Alabama:

  • A world where people are guaranteed a democratic voice in their communities and their workplaces.
  • A world where working people aren’t one paycheck away from losing their homes or their health.
  • A world where a job does not determine a person’s worth and people of need do not starve or live on the street.
  • A world where personal dignity is respected no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and income.
  • A world where our politics, our wealth, and our media aren’t dominated by a handful of billionaires.
  • A world where big countries don’t dominate little countries, where big peoples don’t dominate little peoples, and where wars aren’t fought for profit, empire, or genocide.

We want to see that better world, but it can’t be done with the laws, politicians, and economic system we have now. The Democratic Socialist goal is to change them, starting in our own neighborhoods. It’s an intimidating prospect, likely with many defeats to endure before we see victory, but we’re dedicated to the long and just fight.