Birmingham DSA is committed to building a more democratic society, starting in our own city. To reflect this, our Action Groups focus on different issues facing Birmingham at a local and state level.


Fight for $15:
The current minimum wage leaves far too many hardworking Americans below the poverty line, leading to hard choices in daily life and loss of human dignity. A living wage is the building block to more expansive human rights in the workplace and society at large.

Affordable Housing & Homelessness:
Housing is a human right! For many people living in and around Birmingham, where they spend the night is unknown from day to day. Or the cost of holding onto housing negates any stability it otherwise would ensure. Birmingham DSA believes more measures can be taken from the statehouse to the courthouse to ensure this essential right.

Defend Public Education:
Make no mistake, public schools are under attack. From the appointment of charter school advocate Betsy DeVos at the national level to pending applications before the state of Alabama Department of Education, the push to defund public education and hand over our children’s future to for-profit companies has never been more of a threat.

Oppose the Birmingham Violence Reduction Initiative:
The Birmingham Violence Reduction Initiative (BVRI) is a privately funded program touted as a new way forward in eliminating gang violence in urban areas. In reality, this program violates the civil rights of some of the city’s most vulnerable population and places citizens in harm’s way during military-style raids in residential neighborhoods.

Hold Government Accountable:
Birmingham DSA believes that representative government should meet the needs of the citizens, not just campaign donors and corporations. Recently, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley proclaimed, “If Alabama can put man on the moon, we can build new prisons,” a boon to the private-prison industry and his donor base, but an insult to the state’s citizens.